Two simple ways to make Cepheus NPCs

~200 words, ~1 min read time

One of the downsides of Cepheus Engine is that character creation is LONG – and that’s by design. Character creation *is* creating the character’s backstory, effectively. However, when you’re running solo and just want a quick NPC, this creates problems. Do you just hope that the character’s stats don’t come up? or do you stop the action and run through character creation? Here are two possible solutions:

#1 Do a quick Cepheus Light gen:

Assign the characteristics values of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 as appropriate for the character. Then, give them 1-12 points of skills depending on their experience.

#2 Even faster:

Assign all characteristics a “7”. Then, a 6 sided die and subtract 2. This is their dice modifier for doing anything relevant to that character’s role. If you prefer, pick a DM between -2 and 4. -2 indicates someone who is very inexperienced, -1 a trainee, 0 has basic competency in their field, then up to 4 being a serious professional – one of the best at what they do.

Last night I played some solo Cepheus using method #2 for generating an NPC, and using “Travelling Alone 2021” from Cepheus Journal #008. I really enjoyed the experience. I’ll provide a bigger write up when I’m further along with this character.

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